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  • BONUS! Save An Additional

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    BONUS! Save An Additional 5% On Orders $500 Or More!

    5% Discount Automatically Triggered In Shopping Cart When You Spend $500 Or More.

    Woman Getting A Massage-Holiday Theme

    Massage Therapy + Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

    "My Standard Massage Service"

    For Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Relief From Stress & Anxiety, Pain Management & Wellness Care

    Massage Therapy Is One Of The Best Ways To Manage Stress, Relieve Anxiety And Manage Depression. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) Is An Effective Method For Releasing Acute And Chronic Pain. My Massage Therapy Approach Combines Massage And Neuromuscular Therapy For Powerful And Long Lasting Results!

    Woman Getting A Neck Stretch During Her Massage

    Massage Therapy & Bodywork

    3 & 6 Visit Package Deals

    Buy Now, Use Anytime.

    Enjoy The Convenience &

    Security Of Prepaid Massage!

    Woman Getting Aromatherapy Massage

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Enhance The Benefits Of Your Massage

    With Aromatherapy!

    Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils distilled from plant sources. Essential oils smell wonderful, and as a form of herbal medicine, they can have therapeutic and psychological benefits. I use only therapeutic grade essential oils mixed in organic fractionated coconut oil. Additionally, the oil is diffused into the massage room using an essential oil diffuser during your session.

    Pregnant Woman Enjoying Her Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

    Prenatal Massage: One Of The Best Things You Can Do For You And Your Baby!

    Research conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine shows that prenatal massage reduces stress hormones in the body, improves mood and sleep patterns, and reduces anxiety and back pain.


    Postnatal Massage: To Relax, Restore & Refresh The New Mom.

    Postnatal massage gives you nurturing and emotional support to help you gain back your lost energy and also helps the body return to its condition before pregnancy.



    Image Of A Woman Getting Fertility Massage

    Fertility Massage

    Safe & Effective All Natural Therapy

    For Women Trying To Conceive

    Fertility Massage can increase the chances of getting pregnant by stimulating the reproductive organs and regulating ovulation. Fertility Massage does not have side effects and may be combined with other treatments that are used to boost fertility!​


    Woman Receiving Reiki/ Chakra Balancing/Energy Work

    Energy Work-Reiki-

    Chakra Balancing

    Gentle, Meditative Healing Touch for Grounding, Restoring Balance, Awareness, Mindfulness, Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief.

    Energy Work uses gentle, meditative touch, holding and subtle movements to convey healing and restore balance to the body. The Energy therapist seeks to channel positive, healing energy to the receiver and works to balance energy patterns in the body.

    Energy Work is accomplished through a simple laying-on-of hands and is facilitated in a meditative state of care and healing.

    Depressed Woman Sitting By A Christmas Tree

    Trauma Bodywork

    Safe, Restorative Healing Touch

    For The Body, Mind & Spirit

    Trauma Bodywork offers healing support for people affected by issues including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, abuse, grief & loss, negative body image, low self-esteem, drug, alcohol, sexual and other traumas or addictions.


    Trauma Bodywork uses gentle, nurturing touch, holding, energy bodywork and other modalities with the intent to assist in the healing of physical, mental or emotional trauma.

    Image Of A Woman Examining Her Breast

    Lymphatic Breast Massage

    Therapeutic & Preventative

    Breast Health & Wellness Care

    Women often seek breast massage for relief from pain and tenderness or for treatment of a variety of medical conditions.


    Lymphatic Breast Massage assists in promoting healthy breast tissue. Breast Massage helps to reduce fibroids and cysts, relieves the pain and discomfort associated with PMS or compression from bras. Breast Massage helps to relieve pain and tension from stress in the muscles of the chest and assists in healthy tissue regeneration and scar reduction following surgery.



    Image Of Massage Therapist's Hands On Man's Back And Shoulder

    Custom Combo Paks

    Combine Massage Therapy + NMT

    With Energy Work/Reiki/Chakra Balancing

    In A Single Session For The Ultimate Bodywork Session

    • Massage Therapy (75min) + Energy Work (45min), Our Most Popular Combo Pak! 
    • Massage Therapy (75min) + Energy Work (45min) + Aromatherapy

    Women's Health

    Custom Combo Paks

    Combine Massage Therapy + NMT

    With Specific Preventative, Rehabilitative and Wellness Care Treatments

    For Women's Health

    • Massage Therapy (90min) + Lymphatic Breast Massage, (15min)
    • Massage Therapy (75min) + Energy Work (45min) + Lymphatic Breast Massage, (15min)
    • Massage Therapy (75min) + Energy Work (45min) + Lymphatic Breast Massage (15min) + Aromatherapy, 
    Image Of Pregnant Woman Getting A Massage

    Prenatal Massage Combo Paks

    Combine Massage Therapy + NMT

    With Specific Preventative, Rehabilitative and Wellness Care Treatments

    For Women Who Are Pregnant

    • Prenatal Massage (75 min) + Energy Work (45 min), 
    • Prenatal Massage (90 min) + Lymphatic Breast Massage (15 min)
    • Prenatal Massage (75 min) + Energy Work (45min) + Lymphatic Breast Massage (15min)
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